Kakaako Murals 


For those in search of  a instagramable spot in Honolulu go and check out the Kakaako Murals. Sparked by trendy business like micro breweries, and food trucks. Artists from all over the world gather in Kakaa’ko every year for the annual Pow! Wow! Art Festival. Heading into it’s 9th year, urban artist from all around the world create the murals to showcase their art. It all started when the artist convinced local business owners to let them paint the buildings. The murals turned the neighbourhood, filled with machine shops and old warehouses, into a colourful tourist destination. If you’re looking for a trendy place in the city with tons of photo opps, grab a phone and put up a shaka, you’re in the right place! Drones in Hawaii’s features some of the most notable on instagram. Make sure to follow us for more cinematic content of the 808 state!

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