The industry is recently learning about the harsh reality of unprofessional pilots.As a consequence, hiring drone services on price alone is not only dangerous but also a waist of money! Its up to you to work with Aerial Photography Services who can follow the rules of the sky! 

Drone Pilot License: Rules of the Sky  

The FAA Part 107 is a set of laws that outline privileges and limitations for licensed drone pilots. Its required that each pilot hold a license for any kind of professional drone service. The license guarantees the holder can perform emergency procedures and crew resource management.
Here is a basic list of rules you should know about Aerial Photography Services:
    • Pilots can operate 1 drone per flight.
    • A drone may operate up to is 400 feet above ground level
    • A drone may operate up to a max speed of 100 MPH/87 Knots.
    • Requesting an FAA waiver takes 90 days to file.
    • Drone licenses are valid for 24 months.
    • Pilots can operate up to 30 minutes before sunrise or after sunset.
    • Pilot must maintain a visual line of sight within 3 statute miles of the drone. 

Aviation Insurance: Are you covered? 

Drone insurance acts like any other insurance policy. UAV liability coverage protects the customer from any injury your pilot may cause. If there’s any accident, the insurance provider will cover the damage. Liability limits start at $500,000. Remember to ask your pilot for their insurance policy. 

Terms & Conditions: Know What you Buy! 

Contracts between you and your drone pilot should include at least two sections. The first section should address service terms such as hourly rates. The second should address the copyright licensing. Licensing may provide exclusive or non-exclusive rights to use the works. Define ownership will prevent monetary risk for everyone involved. 

Final Thoughts: Consider Drones In Hawaii

Drones in Hawaii licensed operators provide a certificate of insurance. We create drone content for businesses and families looking to produce video & photography. With us, you know exactly what you’re getting, when your getting it. No Surprises! 

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